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Dr. Khoury Georges & Dr. Farhat Cherine

Date: December 1, 2 & 3 – 2022
Subscription fees: 2800 €
Location: Paris
Versions: English & French

Assisting these 3 days course will allow you to discover the sinus and get closer to different treatment modalities that compensate the lack of adequate vertical dimension. The inadequate bone quantity comprises implant placement in the posterior edentulous maxilla. Mastering the Sinus from simple cases to severe complications is the objective of this course. Starting with Radiographic CT-Scan study, measuring of residual bone height and bone density, choosing the adequate Sinus lift technique, deciding whether to go for immediate or delayed implant placement, and ending with the management of moderate to severe complications related to this procedure (Membrane perforation, implant floating in the sinus, buccosinusal communication, fistula ….)


– Assessment of the Maxillary sinus: Anatomical and Physiological aspects
– Treatment Modalities of Atrophic posterior maxilla and surgical risks
– Sinus floor elevation: History, Biomaterials & Membranes selection.

  • Crestal Approach or Internal Sinus Lift
  • Lateral Approach or External Sinus Lift

– Oral Sinus Communications
– Early and delayed complications (Medication, Hemorrhages, Infections, Biomaterial retrieval in severe infections)

Surgical skills:
– CT Scan: Radiologic assessments
– Clinical Application of Crestal Approach: Step by Step Osteotome Technique
– Lateral Approach Surgical Procedure: the use of Piezo surgery
– Implant Placement simultaneously with Sinus lift
– The Reconstruction of the Severely Resorbed Edentulous Maxilla
– Flap management when sinus bone wall is missing
– Management of teared membranes

  • Loma Linda Pocket
  • Membrane sutures
  • Membrane to bone sutures

Hands-on sessions on animal Model:
– Application of Osteotome summer’s technique hands-on pig jaw
– Use of Piezo Surgery to perform lateral window; hands-on animal model
– Management of teared membrane on animal model.

Live Surgery:
3 surgical cases treating atrophic posterior maxilla with summer’s technique, lateral approach and a complex case with 3D crestal loss in conjunction with sinus lift.



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