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Pr. Filippo GRAZIANI, Dr. Chérine FARHAT & Dr. Bechara HALABI

Date: April 20,21 & 22 – 2022
Subscription fees: 2300 €
Location: Paris
Versions: English & French

By Registering to our 3D masterclass, You’ll make a huge step into the world of periodontal surgery by learning directly from renowned Experts.
Prof Filippo Graziani with the Collaboration of Dr. Chérine Farhat and Dr. Béchara Halabi will help you upgrade your knowledge about two big Chapters: the Regenerative Peridontal Surgery & The periodontal Plastic surgery.


Fundamental Knowledge:

  1. Regenerative periodontal Surgery
  • Classification of periodontal lesions
  • Periodontal wound healing
  • Regenerative periodontal therapy
  • Understanding the role of surgery
  • Patient preparation
  • Defect selection
  • Operator choices (flaps & materials)
  • Complex defects

2. Regenerative periodontal Surgery

  • Gum recession (Etiology, diagnosis, classifications, treatment modalities)
  • Different techniques for root coverage
  • Harvesting sites and techniques
  • Step-by-step presentation of various surgical procedures

Hands-on workshops on pig jaws
– For regenerative therapy of intrabony and furcation defects.
– For root covarage and connective tissue harvesting techniques.

Live Surgery:
Live surgeries about techniques for managing intrabony defects and demonstrating predictable techniques for single and multiple recessions.


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